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A Developmental Perspective on the Meaning of Problematic Sexual Behavior in Children and Adolescents
Craig Latham and Robert Kinscherff
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Children and adolescents develop in dramatically different ways and a developmental context is essential to understanding a child's or teen’s sexual behavior or abusive problems. This booklet lays out a developmental framework with vivid case examples that brings to life this vital developmental treatment and risk management perspective. Whether you are a clinician looking to develop accurate case formulation or a school counselor looking to understand at-risk youth, this booklet will open your eyes to the story behind the development of sexual behavior problems. Learn More

Being a Pro: The Prosocial Model for Problem Solving (Teen Workbook)
Dr. Norbert Ralph
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This 10-module intervention builds prosocial problem-solving skills in justice system-involved adolescents aged 12 and 18. Dr. Norbert Ralph, a clinical psychologist at the San Francisco Juvenile Justice Center, targets prosocial reasoning and skills in teens, a key developmental area related to positive healthy outcomes. Grounded in developmental and brain research with adolescents, this book is written in plain, accessible language and uses relevant real-life content and exercises to engage readers.

Advantages of the Being a Pro program:

--Targets prosocial reasoning and skills in teens, a key developmental area related to positive healthy outcomes.
--Grounded in developmental and brain research with teens, and what can help them function better.
--Written in plain language accessible for young people.
--Real-life relevant content and exercises engage today’s teens.
--Workbook structure complements ongoing counseling.
--Can be used for boys and girls ages 12 to 18.
--Can be used in individual and group counseling.
--Can be used over a 10-week period, but individual exercises are written so they can be used separately.

Please take a look at the FREE supplemental materials to this book by clicking "sample download," on the left! These materials include:

--Counselor manual for using the workbook
--A Research and theory manual to provide in-depth background information
--Specially designed Pre and Post tests to assess prosocial outcomes
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Current Perspectives & Applications in Neurobiology: Working with Young Persons who are Victims and Perpetrators of Sexual Abuse
Edited by Robert E. Longo, David S. Prescott, John Bergman, and Kevin Creeden
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One of the most important scientific advancements of the past few decades is our increased understanding of the brain and the impact of our environment on this complex neurobiology. This new volume by some of the leading experts in the field compiles a comprehensive overview of the core issues we need to understand affecting the neurobiology, neuroscience and the assessment and treatment of sexually abusive youth as well as the child and adolescent victims of sexually abusive and aggressive behavior.

NEARI Press is pleased to announce the publication of this exciting and cutting edge book and third volume in the Current Perspectives and Current Applications series. Written and edited in three parts, this book addresses these core issues:

• Interpersonal neurobiology view of trauma
• Impact of traumatic brain injury
• Brain function assessment and neurotherapy for sexual abuse
• Combining neuroscience, education, and therapy
• Neuroscience applied to the therapeutic milieu
• Experiential therapies as neurological analogs
• Sensorimotor psychotherapy perspective on the treatment of children and adolescents
• Sensory integration and trauma
• Medications and the brain
• Teaching, intervening and counseling with the brain in mind. Learn More

Effective Intervention with Adolescents Who Have Offended Sexually
Sue Righthand, Brittany Baird, Ineke Way & Michael C. Seto
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Adolescents who have offended sexually are a diverse population, with different treatment needs. Individualized and evidence-based assessment and treatment are essential. The main goal of this book is to summarize research to highlight dynamic risk factors that are important treatment targets. This small, but information-filled book is a must-have reference.
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Enhancing Empathy
Robert E. Longo with Laren Bays and Steven Sawyer
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Revised and updated Enhancing Empathy helps clients work on developing their own empathy for others. The workbook clarifies in simple, concrete terms the difference between self-pity and empathy, details the effects of sexual abuse on victims, describes steps toward building empathy, warns about the four poisons that prevent empathy, describes in detail compassionate actions, and points the way toward a balanced life. Each chapter includes homework and exercises.

Previously published as Empathy & Compassionate Action Learn More

Illegal Images: Critical Issues and Strategies for Addressing Child Pornography Use
David L. Delmonico and Elizabeth J. Griffin
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Twenty years ago, the issue of child pornography was limited to helping professionals who specialized in the area of sexual offenses. However, with the widespread use of the Internet and subsequent technologies, child pornography is more available and accessible than ever. As a result, more individuals are entering the mental health and legal system who have viewed child pornography.

The purpose of illegal Images, is to provide helping professionals (e.g., mental health professionals, child advocates, pastoral counselors, and community supervision officers with information regarding the key issues to be addressed when working with anyone viewing online child pornography.

Reading Illegal Images will answer critical questions about this difficult issue and give practical solutions for working with these individuals.

The recent printing of Illegal Images contained page title errors in Appendices D, E, and F. The text is completely accurate. The corrected appendices are available in two forms.

Click here to download a pdf of the appendices so that they can be folded in half and inserted into the book.

Click here for full 8.5x11" format.

An additional appendix - Appendix G - provides information on Filtering and Monitoring Methods.

Appendix G provides you with a table of current software available to assist clients in the blocking, filtering, and monitoring of unwanted content that can be used to assist in the prevention and treatment of Child Sexual Abuse Images. There are often many questions as to how these tools work and on which devices they can be installed.

We at NEARI Press apologize for the error and for the inconvenience it may have caused.

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Men & Anger: Understanding and Managing Your Anger
Murray Cullen & Robert E. Freeman-Longo
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Whatever inappropriate behaviors male clients present, chances are there are anger issues somewhere in the mix. Men & Anger is a classic text using relapse prevention techniques to teach effective anger management for men. Each chapter includes homework assignments and exercises. Learn More

Paths to Wellness: A Holistic Approach and Guide for Personal Recovery
Robert E. Longo

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Paths to Wellness focuses on clients who present with any of three major problem areas: alcohol and substance abuse; violent and assaultive behaviors with anger issues; and inappropriate, abusive, or illegal sexual behaviors.

Written in language that is easy to read and understand, the book can be used by both adolescent and adult clients and patients in conjunction with inpatient and community-based treatment programs, self-help groups, and in other settings.

This unique guide teaches readers to understand their unhealthy cycles of acting out and how to move into healthy lifestyles. Chapter topics include accepting problems, denial, the four basic needs, the four aspects of self, core values and beliefs, healthy and unhealthy cycles, relapse prevention, interventions, and more, including homework assignments and exercises with each chapter.

If your program has funding for only one treatment resource, this is the book. Learn More

Stages of Accomplishment - Clinician's Manual and All 4 Workbooks
Phil Rich

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Stages of Accomplishment is a set of four inter-related workbooks that assist in the treatment of sexually abusive or sexually troubled adolescents. Building from simpler ideas to more complex and richer concepts, the workbooks take youth through a series of guided exercises that touch on many of the most significant elements of treatment.

Stage 1 “Introduction to Treatment” focuses upon basic concepts and sets the foundation for the workbooks that follow.

Stage 2 “Understanding Yourself” helps youth focus upon and understand emotions, behaviors, thoughts, and thinking errors.

Stage 3 “Understanding Dysfunctional Behavior” identifies and works through behavioral cycles, safe behavior, and relapse prevention.

Stage 4 “Hitting The Target: Making Change Permanent” addresses empathy, victim awareness, community service, communication skills, and healthy relationships.

Augmenting individualized treatment, the workbooks are designed to be used in community-based or residential care settings. The accompanying Clinician’s Guide will help guide therapists in their use of the workbooks, and includes supplemental tests to ensure retention of learning. Designed for use with adolescent boys of average cognitive abilities, the Guide offers concrete ideas for adapting the workbooks to other populations of sexually abusive youth.

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Taking Action: Support for Families of Children with Sexual Behavior Problems
Jane F. Silovsky
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When a parent learns that his or her child has sexually abused another child, or is displaying a serious sexual behavior problem, the discovery causes uncertainty, confusion, pain and fear. Yet, this is precisely the time the child needs support and understanding. Parents and families play a significant role in the successful treatment of their children. That's where Taking Action comes in. Written by two of the leading experts in the field, these booklets provide the information families need to support their children and access the resources they will require in the days to come.

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