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Enhancing Empathy

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Enhancing Empathy

by Robert E. Longo with Laren Bays and Steven Sawyer  (more by this author)
(previously published as Empathy & Compassionate Action)
77 pages
categories: Books, Adult Sex Offenders, Featured Products
ISBN: 978-1-929657-04-9
Catalog Number: 9835
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Revised and updated Enhancing Empathy helps clients work on developing their own empathy for others. The workbook clarifies in simple, concrete terms the difference between self-pity and empathy, details the effects of sexual abuse on victims, describes steps toward building empathy, warns about the four poisons that prevent empathy, describes in detail compassionate actions, and points the way toward a balanced life. Each chapter includes homework and exercises.

Previously published as Empathy & Compassionate Action

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