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Why Did I Do It Again & How Can I Stop?

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Why Did I Do It Again & How Can I Stop?

by Robert E. Longo with Laren Bays and Steven Sawyer  (more by this author)
184 pages
categories: Books, Adult Sex Offenders, Featured Products
ISBN: 978-1-929657-11-7
Catalog Number: 9838
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These two classic workbooks have now been combined into a single volume. This volume expands on the standard relapse prevention workbook, teaching clients about cycles of abuse, the sexual abuse cycle, thoughts, feelings and behaviors that make up cycles, values clarification, relapse prevention, and basic interventions for cognitive distortions, mismanaged emotions, behavioral problems and more. Each chapter includes homework and exercises. Why Did I Do It Again & How Can I Stop? (2000) is now in its 9th printing!

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