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THE THURSDAY GROUP: A Story and Information for Girls  Healing From Sexual Abuse

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THE THURSDAY GROUP: A Story and Information for Girls Healing From Sexual Abuse

by PeggyEllen Kleinleder and Kimber Evensen  (more by this author)
Illustrations by Nancy Radtke
280 pages
categories: Books, Adolescents & Children, Survivors
ISBN: 978-1-929657-44-5
Catalog Number: 9884
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Kleinleder and Evensen break new ground using the long-held tradition of sharing wisdom through story-telling. In the all-too-real but fictional story of Abi, her family, and a therapeutic sup- port group, adolescent girls learn to deal with having been sexually abused – as their family members and the larger community reacts to them. The learning is reinforced by 135 text boxes of information on techniques for dealing with emotions, hand-outs from the group, reminders, explanations, and tips.

Using a wide range of situations, issues, and coping strategies, and extraordinarily captivating writing, The Thursday Group portrays the effects of sexual abuse realistically, recognizing both pain and hope, damage and healing. It speaks a difficult truth with strength and integrity.

For more information please visit The Thursday Group blog.

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