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Paths to Wellness en Español!  A Holistic Approach and Guide for Personal Recovery

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Paths to Wellness en Español! A Holistic Approach and Guide for Personal Recovery

by Robert E. Longo  (more by this author)
Translated by Diana Garza Louis, Nicolas Carrasco and Lucio Arzola
144 pages
categories: Books, Adolescents & Children, Adult Sex Offenders
ISBN: 978-1-929657-31-5
Catalog Number: 9871

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To reach out to a growing client population that may have difficulty in English, NEARI Press has had this widely used and complete book translated into Spanish.

Paths to Wellness focuses on clients who present with any of three major problem areas: alcohol and substance abuse; violent and assaultive behaviors with anger issues; and inappropriate, abusive, or illegal sexual

Written in language that is easy to read and understand, the book can be used by both adolescent and adult clients and patients in conjunction with inpatient and community-based treatment programs, self-help groups, and in other settings.

This unique guide teaches readers to understand their unhealthy cycles of acting out and how to move into healthy lifestyles. Chapter topics include accepting problems, denial, the four basic needs, the four aspects of self, core values and beliefs, healthy and unhealthy cycles, relapse prevention, interventions, and more, including homework assignments and exercises with each chapter.

If your program has funding for only one treatment resource, this is the book.

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